FOR RENT: $1,075 - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - Studio Apartment Email 347-560-4001


This charming Studio Apartment has very well kept hardwood floors, 3 separate closets - unusually ample storage space for an apartment of this size - a separate full kitchen, full-stove & fridge, plenty of kitchen counter space and cupboard space. Plenty of light, perfect for one or a couple.


Named "Skylark", this 6-story apartment building is located in beautiful Bay Ridge, Brooklyn along 4th Avenue. Sunny quiet, the entrance faces North-West.


Bay Ridge is one of the most storied neigborhoods in all of beautiful Brooklyn. Filled with great restaurants, bars & pubs along 3rd and 5th Avenues, it also boasts some of the best schools both public and private in the city. The neighborhood setting for the movie Saturday Night Fever, Bay Ridge serves as a destination spot for people all around the city.